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"Purple heart"

"As a Veteran, one lucky enough to not have seen the frontline, I always remain amazed at the courage and fortitude of those who did. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices they endured ... and always heartbroken for all who were forever changed, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The ultimate sacrifices are embedded in the cornerstones of all that we are. God Bless their souls. HoooaH!" 

"Thank you for the reminder. My family history is full of military. I don't talk about the losses to anyone. I choose to remember the good. May God keep our Military strong, Amen." 

"This hits different comin' from a guy who's seen the aftermath of war within his family. Love your music. My uncle lost the ability to use his leg in Iraq, and he loved this song." 

"Thank you so much for this. As an Army widow, it means a lot to me."

Purple Heart

James H. White (feat. Katy Mantyk)

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Purple Heart

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A song about a fallen soldier. God Bless our military past and present.

For its first year of release, 10% of the profit from "Purple Heart" digital downloads will be donated to TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors)

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The cinematic music of singer-songwriter James H. White takes me on a journey filled with both patriotism and humanity. His music is a force for good in the world.”

— Award-winning filmmaker Mathias Magnason