Purple Heart

A Song about liberty, unity & sacrifice

“Purple Heart" was born out of gratitude.

"The inner fortitude and sacrifice of soldiers have always inspired me. My grandfather, father, and uncle served. My ancestors served. I feel indebted to America’s servicemen and women, as they’ve given me the freedom to speak my mind, believe what’s in my soul, and live freely. These gifts of Liberty are impossible to pay back. I am eternally grateful." ~James H. White

“Purple Heart” is singer songwriter James H. White’s debut single. It’s a song about a fallen soldier. After James wrote it, he searched for the right partner to breathe life into the music.

Then came along Katy Mantyk, a songbird from New Zealand. The first time James heard her sing, tears welled up inside of him. The simplicity and beauty of her melodies and music were among the best he had ever heard.  

When James shared “Purple Heart” with Katy, she said this about the lyrics and song:  

“‘Purple Heart’ gives me such feelings of nostalgia and memories of epic past lives. I feel the distant ache of losing the love of my life and yet James makes me feel good about it, that the sacrifices we make for each other, our loves and our fellow man, are really heroic and worthwhile. His music makes me feel like a hero.” 

James and Katy decided to make “Purple Heart” a duet but knew they couldn’t pull it off alone. They believed only one person could help them achieve the Americana sound they desired—a harmony of country, folk, and choral music with classical orchestration. They approached producer David English from County Durham, England. Very few people understand the rich history of music, across all genres and centuries, like David.  

James, Katy, and David continued to grow their “Purple Heart” team. To fill out the male vocals and harmonies, they reached out to Richard Woodman, a Canadian First Nations country artist with big pipes. James then asked his girlfriend, Victoria May, to fill out the female harmonies. Next, they wrangled up-and-coming Russian trumpet player Aleksandr Antonov to play the solo. With the gospel ending, they needed fireworks. They asked singer Mika Hale, who performed one of the all-time most iconic renditions of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” The energy of the gospel choir electrifies at the end.  

The combined efforts of people from five countries—United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, and Russia—unite for “Purple Heart.” The spirit of sacrifice and love of Liberty live through all people.  

“Purple Heart” will be released for Veterans Day. To America’s servicemen and women, thank you.  

For media, licensing, and business opportunities, please contact Victoria Ledwidge: victoria@iconsunite.com. 

Purple Heart

James H. White (feat. Katy Mantyk)

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Purple Heart

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A song about a fallen soldier.

For its first year of release, 10% of the profit from "Purple Heart" digital downloads will be donated to TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors)

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