"Simply Beautiful. Thank You for composing that song. I know we Veterans appreciate it when a Patriot of America expresses how much they love this great nation we fought for."

About "Thank You For Your Service"

“Thank You For Your Service” is a Memorial Day tribute to be released on Friday, May 27th, 2022.  

James H. White wrote this song because he wants servicemen and women, past and present, to know how much they mean to him.  

“Freedom is like your health—you never appreciate it until it’s gone. Our military is our first and last defense to protect our God-given liberties. They are the guardian angels who protect our Constitution, our Republic, and allow us to speak our mind and believe what’s in our Soul.  

Memorial Day is a salute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I can never repay that sacrifice, but for their family members, friends, and fellow brothers and sisters in arms, I hope this tribute can honor their legacy.” - James H. White 

James partnered with Lord English, who co-wrote, co-produced, arranged, and mixed the track. They assembled an all-star cast of talent, which included pedal steel guitar player Patrick Lyons (often heard on records by Colter Wall, one of James’ favorite artists), Irish pipes and whistles by Aaron Dolan, and fiddler Adam Haynes (from country bluegrass band The Grascals). James also used the services of Musiversal for drummer Nate Barnes (who toured with Ryan Bingham, another of James’ favorite artists) and 10x Latin GRAMMY award-winning mastering engineer Luiz Tornaghi.  

“I feel humbled and honored to work with such talented people. The beauty and spirit of their music went way beyond anything I could imagine.” - James H. White